Marine, a student from the ISG in Paris has written a blog entry about her visit to the Expo.... read on !

Last weekend, we spent one day at the incredible expo site where we discovered architecture, culture, art, and the new technologies from many countries. We had the opportunity to see, touch, and live the expo from the inside. It was like a trip around the world but accelerated. That day, we got to travel from country to country surrounded by Chinese people who were all so excited to be at this event that is a celebration of “New China”. For them, this event is exceptional and we had the chance to be a part of it and share it with them. 

I’d like to take a moment to thank the INA team for helping us get tickets and showing us around. It can get quite messy and confusing at the Expo site, and they just made it easier.

What I liked the most at the Expo? Probably the magnificence of the pavilions. All countries have done their best and show the wonders of their culture in order to amaze the visitors. But most of these pavilions also organize concerts every day along with parades, performances for the pleasure of curious visitors.

The Shanghai World Expo: why not experience it for yourself ?!