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Participants will have the choice to live in a shared apartment with other interns, or opt to have their own individual housing or any other specific needs (upon request as part of our Deluxe package). In shared apartments, Participants will have their own room and shared bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Each apartment is fully furnished with air-conditioning/heat, wireless Internet, TV, and everything you need to cook. Apartments are up to western standards, with 24hr security guards, elevators, and all amenities you’re used to. All of our apartments are situated in convenient and centrally located areas, close to public transportation and within walking distance to restaurants and cafes.


BASIC - INA interns are provided with complementary emergency insurance coverage while in China. This policy covers Participants in the event of an accident while on our program.

DELUXE - Participants receive premium travel insurance for the duration of their trip. This covers and reimburses according to specific circumstances.

OPT-IN COMPREHENSIVE - Have you finished school? Or been taken off your parent’s insurance? All basic package participants have the option of adding any additional insurance coverage, including comprehensive full coverage packages, or travel insurance. Inquire here for more details including cost, or to customize your experience now!

Visa Extension Services

INA offers a variety of visa extension services aimed to help Participants sort out any visa issues they may encounter during their stay in China. We can get Interns extensions, entries or even help them stay beyond their intended program. If participants anticipate any visa problem, they can simply come to our office with their passport and photos, 2 weeks before their intended travel or visa expiration.