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INA’s purpose is to provide our participants with everything they need to get the most out their Shanghai experience. We are a services company who's main goal is to save you time when it comes to getting settled, connected and thriving in China. INA gives you everything you need to ensure your comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Below you will find the services offered in our Basic and Deluxe packages in our student program.

BASIC Housing

INA interns are housed in our centrally located apartments equipped with all amenities. Our apartments are spacious and ideally located within walking distance to metro/bus lines that can take you throughout the city. Participants enjoy individual rooms, in apartment shared with 2-3 other INA Interns. Click here for more information about our accommodations.

Chinese Lessons

INA interns will get 4.5 hours of Chinese Instruction per week, by our Mandarin Teachers with experience teaching basic Chinese to foreigners. Our interns will have up to 4, 1-hour lessons per week. See Learning a New Language page for more information. We can also work with you to create a custom package with additional Chinese language study hours.

Trip to Beijing

Interns will get the chance to experience a long-weekend in Beijing with travel included. See China’s historical wonder, while enjoying the sights with friends! Visit the famed Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Olympic Bird’s Nest and other cultural sites. Try authentic Peking duck, watch a Chinese Tea Ceremony and experience China’s capital city! See our Trips page for more information about your Beijing experience!

Emergency Insurance

Participants are automatically provided with an emergency insurance package that covers interns in the event of an accident in China. We have teamed up with one of the biggest insurance companies to ensure every participant’s safety while in our program. Please see our Individual Services page to see further details of provided insurance as well as the option to choose other more comprehensive packages.

Mobile Phone

Interns will receive a mobile phone (Nokia or equivalent) upon arrival in Shanghai. Before you arrive, you will be provided with your Chinese phone number so that loved ones may reach you as soon as you land and get settled. Important numbers such as INA office, 24-hr Concierge, Foreign Infoline, Consulates, etc. will be pre-programmed in each phone. The phone will also be pre-charged with 100rmb (payment after 100rmb will be the responsibility of the participant).

Airport Pick-up & Drop-off

INA ensures our interns’ safe arrival at Pudong International Airport (PVG) with an INA team-member there to greet participants upon their arrival. We then escort interns to their apartment, introduce them to staff and other participants, before their official orientation. At the end of the program we also arrange to drop off our participants at the Departures Terminal for your flight home.

Pre-Charged Transportation Card

Every intern will receive a pre-charged Transportation Card good to use in taxis as well as for public transportation (metro and buses). Each card will already be charged with 100rmb for your convenience.

Opening a Bank Account

A member of INA staff will accompany you to a Chinese bank's branch closest to your appartment. Filling in the forms can be tricky, especially when few banks offer service in English. Having a Chinese bank account is useful for everyday expenses as most local shops will only take Chinese cards for payment.

24-hour Concierge

INA provides our participants with day-time and night-time phone numbers to call for assistance, with any problems, inquiries or advice about the city or activities.

Orientation Weekend

Upon arriving in Shanghai, Interns will be introduced to the city by our staff. We will offer excursions around Shanghai, and demonstrate how to take the metro. Participants will also enjoy a special welcome dinner as well as question and answer panel by our staff and guest advisors in the interns’ chosen fields – as their first networking experience.

Weekly Fieldtrips

Every Sunday INA offers weekly transportation via van for fieldtrips around Shanghai. For your convenience we organize trips to IKEA, Carrefour, as well as to the Fabric Market, and Yu Yuan (Yu Garden) etc. Participants are welcome to request destinations in advance for our consideration.

Survival Guide w/ Map of Shanghai

We want all of our participants to find their way in Shanghai, and INA’s way of ensuring that is by providing our interns with everything they need get oriented! We took the time to create and customize our own INA Survival Guide with everything you need from important phone numbers & addresses, must-see tourist sites, nightlife and restaurant recommendations, to street & metro maps, as well as other useful information.

Monthly Events

INA presents monthly guest speakers and events around Shanghai. Our goal is to introduce our participants to inspiring individuals in various fields with different backgrounds so that our interns can see possibilities in China as well as different routes one can take to make it to the top of their game. We also hope to expose our participants to a variety of cultural events and activities around Shanghai. These will include local festivals (depending on time of year), meals with Chinese businessmen and other activities like KTV that offer glimpses into business and life in China. We also will offer invitations to networking events around Shanghai.

Activity Coordination

At INA we hope to satisfy the needs and ambitions of our participants in every aspect, therefore we are happy to provide assistance in activity coordination in Shanghai. Want to join an expat soccer team? How about yoga or Tai-Qi? Or try a Chinese cooking class! Let us know what you’re interested in, and we will help arrange activities and events!

Era Acrobatic Show

INA is excited to include tickets to the acclaimed Era Acrobatic Show – “Intercession of Time”. Often compared to Cirque de Soleil, Era is a spectacular multi-million dollar show we are happy to have our participants experience while in Shanghai. Take a look at their site and write-up on to catch a glimpse of an unforgettable night:

ERA Acrobatics (


INA’s deluxe package includes all services in the Basic program in addition to the following perks:

Travel Insurance

Our Deluxe package includes full coverage Travel Insurance that includes re-imbursement for missed flights, lost baggage or personal items, for the duration of the trip. Click here link to insurance page for more information on insurance policy coverage details.

Visa Extension Services

INA offers visa extension services that help our participants stay in China with 3-6 month visas. This allows Participants to avoid unnecessary hassle and trips to government offices. For more information please see our visa extension page.

Weekend Trip to Sanya or Xi’an

Deluxe package participants will have to choice of extra trips to Sanya or Xi’an – two of China’s most popular destinations. Enjoy the beach and sun of Hainan’s coast in Sanya while enjoying activities like water sports, golf or spa treatments. Or indulge in a glimpse of history in Xi’an as you see the un-earthed pits of Terracotta Warriors. Visit our Trips page for more information about these destinations.

Personal Tutor

INA offers personal tutors to our deluxe participants. These private instruction sessions are tailored to the individuals’ interests, struggles, and field of Internship or study. We offer this service as a chance to get more out of your experience in China, by addressing individual needs, pace and vocabulary.