DongTai Antique Market: a flea market in Shanghai

Mark, an Australian intern, has written a blog entry about his fun afternoon roaming between real and fake vintage Chinese products.

A special dinner with all everyone from INA!

Cecile with her INA friends had a great dinner in one of the most famous Teppanyaki restaurants in Shanghai.

Here in Shanghai, I can choose every day among a wide range of Chinese and international cuisines: Cantonese, French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Shanghainese, Tai…But one of my favorites is the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant.
 In the city there are a lot these kinds of restaurants: you only need to write down “teppanyaki restaurant” in one of the websites about Shanghai and you can choose one of the several addresses.

Last night I went there with my new INA friends: not only did I enjoy my dinner with them, but I also ate a lot of

A Sunday morning at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Israel, a doctor from Guinea Bissau who wanted to have an internship experience in a Chinese hospital, has visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.

Last Sunday we spent our morning at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center. For us this fieldtrip was a good chance to discover the past, the present and the future of the development of the urban planning of Shanghai. It’s 5 floors above ground and 2 floors underground gave us a good idea about how Shanghai went from being a small fishing village to a major world metropolis.

Moganshan Lu: the arts district of Shanghai.

Pablo, a student from Spain, with a great passion for arts has spent his afternoon , in Moganshan Road, the arts district of Shanghai.

Walking from the Zhongtan Road Metro Station on line 3, you will know that you are near Moganshan Road because of the graffiti along one side of the street.
This new Art industrial Park arts district was once a textile factory, now people call it “Moganshan” or “M50”. Since 2000, when for the first time a veteran local contemporary artist moved into M50, a lot of industrial buildings have been transformed into artist studios.  Nowadays this art district hosts over 80 Chinese artists and some international artists.

An afternoon at the Jade Buddha Temple


Margherita joined the Internship Program after studying mandarin in Shanghai for a few months. She is passionate about Chinese culture and loved her experience discovering the hidden treasures of the Jade Buddha Temple.

The Fabric Market: A shoppers dream !


Olivia, a student from England has written a blog entry about her crazy shopping experience at the Fabric Market. 

A Day at Yu Garden and Old Town


Emilio, an architecture student in Shanghai for the summer has written this week's blog entry. This was his first contact with ancient Chinese architecture. 

The Shanghai World Expo: Finally Before My Eyes!


Marine, a student from the ISG in Paris has written a blog entry about her visit to the Expo.... read on !

Last weekend, we spent one day at the incredible expo site where we discovered architecture, culture, art, and the new technologies from many countries. We had the opportunity to see, touch, and live the expo from the inside. It was like a trip around the world but accelerated. That day, we got to travel from country to country surrounded by Chinese people who were all so excited to be at this event that is a celebration of “New China”. For them, this event is exceptional and we had the chance to be a part of it and share it with them. 

My first day in Shanghai


Isaure, a student from the European Business School wanted to talk about her arrival in Shanghai. Here is the email she sent us:

First Batch of Hype - Get in on all the Happenings!

Welcome one and all to our inaugural blog post! We’ve set up this new platform to serve you the latest news from the Shanghai front. Giving you all the info on upcoming internship opportunities, networking events, and happenings of Internship Network Asia and our great city of Shanghai, of course! There are so many interesting and fun events coming up in this city that are slated to go down starting from now until October next year!...Wondering what we’re talking about? – Think BIG!...Now think BIGGER!.... As many of you probably already know, Shanghai is hosting the 2010 World Expo, with over 220 Countries and Organizations participating from March – Oct, and a whopping 70million anticipated visitors (including 3.5 million international visitors), Shanghai is ready to hit the international spotlight. This is going to be a pivotal event for Shanghai, for China, and for our 2010 Interns! The Expo motto speaks for itself: “Better City, Better Life”.

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