Introduction to INA: Internship abroad program.

INA is proud to announce our Student Program designed for both undergraduate and graduate students looking for all of the benefits of an INA package, without our internship placement services.

Coming to China for language study and an Internship abroad? Why not choose INA’s student package with everything you’ll need – from customized Chinese lessons, to housing, allowance, cell phone and travel! Have an experience to remember, and get your feet wet in China, with an orientation, survival guide, airport pick-up and everything you need to get settled in Shanghai.

Looking for a summer adventure? Experience in Shanghai, and see what Shanghai has to offer, as you study basic Chinese, explore the city and do your own thing.

In 2011 start an internship abroad is very important to gain a work experience. Whether you’re doing a summer program through your College, already have a summer job or internship abroad set up, or just want to see China and save time and convenience on all the details, check out our Student Program,  hassle-free and fun adventure in Shanghai!