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We want all of our participants to have a well-rounded experience in China, which of course includes visiting the nation’s most famous and historically-relavent city – Beijing! The world had its eye on Beijing last year as it hosted the 2008 Olympics with great pride and success. Join us on a tour of Beijing’s most famous sites, get to know other interns and create some unforgettable memories as you see China’s capital city!

Sites include:
Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tianamen Square, Hou Hai Lake, Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall. Taste Chinese delicacies at the famed Wang Fu Jing Food Alley, see ancient Hu-Tong style courtyard homes, and experience authentic Pecking Duck.


As part of our deluxe package, we offer Interns the choice to visit one of the following famous destinations in China:


Escape the city and work on that tan in China’s beach resort town in Hainan! Taste some of China’s freshest seafood and tropical fruits while relaxing on the beach. We know that working in a bustling city like Shanghai can require some Rest & Relaxation. Experience Sanya’s fresh air, surrounded by beaches and mountains. Enjoy a well-deserved getaway mid-session with fellow Interns as you explore the island. Pick from water sports, golf, or spa treatment as a part of your island vacation. Sanya offers everything from beautiful sunsets, to lively nightclubs, for a perfect vacation from the chaos of big-city life. Sanya trip includes transportation, accommodations, group meals, group photo and choice of activities including: water sports, golf or spa treatment.


Come with us to central China to see one of the World’s most famous historical sites – The Terracotta Warriors. As capital of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an houses this extraordinary treasure as well as many other Ming Dynasty sites. Taste some of central China’s delicacies and cuisine, during this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Xi’an trip includes transportation, accomodations, group meals, site-entry and tours, and group photo.