Of course. INA will simply deduct the costs of the bank transfers.

Refund of deposit will only be granted if INA is unable to secure a suitable and mutually agreeable (between the Participant and host company) internship placement within 20 days of intended program start date in one of their chosen fields/sectors specified on their application.  

Internship Network Asia is a services-based company that provides interns and companies with a network, as well as comprehensive package for Participants. We include everything Interns need to ensure a safe, well-planned and smooth experience in China – including housing, airport transfers, transportation stipend, mobile phone and more. Click here to see our Program Costs.

No! INA offers flexible program schedules to allow Participants to apply as little as 8 weeks before their desired start-date. We encourage even last-minute applicants to apply, as we will do our best to accommodate our Interns. With that said, it is best to apply as soon as possible so we can arrange the perfect internship placement for you.

We are very proud of our staff in Shanghai, and have a great team of both English-speaking locals and foreigners waiting for our Interns as soon as they arrive in china. We are there to assist you with everything from orientation, to seeing you off at the airport. We provide 24hr concierge and emergency numbers to all of our participants. Once you are situated we also offer weekly fieldtrips, monthly events, and check-in meetings with advisors.

If you fall ill while in China, we have the best knowledge of medical care and facilities wherever we are. Participants will have all the information about foreign hospitals and clinic that have English-speaking doctors and specialists. We also provide all Interns with emergency insurance.

No problem. Many of our interns are Gap-year Students, college students or recent grads, with no working experience – so that’s why they’re here! We will find a placement for you with a English-speaking supervisor that will provide you with the tools you’ll need to succeed in your internship and give you quality experience to improve your CV! All we ask is for participants to have a motivated attitude and desire to learn and succeed in their field! If you do have skills like knowledge of language, computers, or even summer jobs, please include that in your application.

Participants should be at least 18 years old by the time of their arrival in China.

No, flights to/from China are not included. However we can get you in touch with travel agencies to help you book your flights, and arrange your visa.

Currently all of our placements are located in Shanghai. Click here to learn more about this great city and what it has to offer! Internship in Shanghai.

No, you will not be paid during your placement, although depending on your language and education level, some companies may offer additional stipends. Participants will however receive a monthly allowance from INA to cover daily lunch and transportation expenses while working.

Yes, of course! Once you have made up your mind, our on-site staff can help you extend your placement and arrange for you to continue your INA experience!

No! All of our internship placements are in English-speaking companies. We do however provide all of our Participants with the opportunity to learn Mandarin (4 hours of one to one private lessons  provided each week), to either start from the basics or improve their Chinese!

During your placement, you will live single or shared accommodation in a centrally located apartment with other INA participants. INA staff does not live on-site with Interns. For this reason we ask that all participants be of a certain maturity level that will ensure a respectful and responsible living environment.


Please check our website for some examples of companies we collaborate with.
On our website we have some name of the 
However, many of our host companies do not wish to have their name appear on our website and will only be divulged once an interview is set up.


References will be provided upon request.

We regularly publish our participants testimonials online. You can discover more about their internships and their life in China alongside INA

Our proposals depend on your CV and the availability in your chosen sector for a certain period. We always try to offer at least 2 options.


 We give 1200 rmb in cash to each of our participants every month.

 All utilities are included in INA program costs (maid included).

 Some of our offers published online mention the company name. In most cases though, you will know once we have received your application, deposit and we have had time to contact the relevant companies in our network.


We may take up to 3 working days to process your 
application, but we usually reply within 24 hours.



Yes you can. But keep in mind that your 
internship offer may be given to you later on as 
the need for interns may vary from one year to 



 Please check our website for a full description  of our program components 

 For the moment, our programs are only available in Shanghai.

 We require participants to intern for at least a month. For special requests, please contact our team at


 Our participants ages range from 18 to 30 usually. For the most part we recieve applications from pre-college students, gap-year students and young graduates

 INA only provides applicants with internships. 

Some companies may offer a permanent position to interns after their initial internship period.

 Please inform us of your university requirements for receiving credit and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.