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At Internship Network Asia you can chose an internship that fits your interests, major and future career path. Simply pick a field (or even tell us your major or interests), and we will place you in an internship that affords you the opportunity to gain international exposure, working experience, and the chance to contribute to an international company, while interacting with Chinese and foreign staff.
Our goal is to find the perfect match for you, while providing a network of fellow interns, colleagues and companies to build your own connections and path in China. Internship Networks is here to jump-start this journey by providing the expertise and introductions to some of the worlds leading companies in Real estate, Finance, Communications, and Luxury Goods.
We currently looking to assign interns to multi-national companies such as Ferrari, LVMH, Natuzzi & L’Oreal’s Shanghai offices, willing to accept motivated candidates. We offer a variety of internship opportunities divided by sectors of your choice. You choose the field, and we provide you with a choice of placement in Shanghai’s most well-know companies.



We offer wide variety of business-related internships across the board. You can get mentored while interning for self-made entrepreneurs, or chose a more traditional path of interning for a multinational corporation – it’s up to you! With business booming in Shanghai as many nations and companies gear-up for Expo 2010, we can offer placements on the forefront of growth and development in everything from recruitment to sales; business development to sourcing. Business-related interns will also be advised by 2009 Columbia University, China Business expert who will be available to counsel participants on internship placement, mid-program reviews as well as future endeavors in China.


Internship Network Asia provides our Interns with high-profile companies involved in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Accounting, Finance Analysis, Portfolio and Growth Management as well as Consulting. Learn first had about the force behind Asia’s rapid growth and development as you gain experience as assistants to successful professionals or interns in private firms.


Put your creative talents to use! Internships in the arts consist of multiple fields and disciplines including design, architecture, and curator placements. Do you have a flare for interior or graphic design? Landscape architecture or photography? You can assist experienced professionals in these fields, and even have the chance to spearhead your own assignments and projects through our exciting internship opportunities in the arts.


At INA we place participants in Engineering-based internships for automotive, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Gain experience in Shanghai and surrounding areas where many products are designed, engineered and manufactured to send around the world.


Gain invaluable experience in one world most rapidly growing fashion hubs of the East. INA offers internships in everything fashion oriented, from brand development to design. Work hands-on as an assistant to an up-and-coming Chinese designer, or build your resume by working for one of the many Italian super-brands, French Cosmetics Company, luxury brands or international fashion magazine.

Hospitality / Food & Beverage

We offer internships at some of the most well-know restaurants and hotels in Shanghai. Work at establishments built by world-renown chefs, or learn the workings of a green hotel. If you’re the social type then try your hand as an assistant to managers of some of the hottest clubs and bars in both Shanghai and the World.


INA offers placements as programmers, designers, analysts and developers for a wide variety of companies across all sectors. Participants also have the chance to work for start-ups, social networking sites, and webzines as valued members of their IT team.


Have something to say? Try working as an intern for one of the top webzines or English publications in Shanghai. Work with talented writers and journalists to become a part of the buzz, as Shanghai becomes the epicenter of growth during 2010. For a journalist, it doesn’t get better than this place, at this time!


INA offers internships in some of the top Chinese Firms in Shanghai, as well as multinational (and well-know) Corporate Law Firms. Get some insider advice from our own staff that worked as corporate lawyers in England, Italy, New Zealand and China.


Build the hype! Add to Shanghai’s never-ending excitement through an internship in PR, Marketing, or Advertising. This field can lead you to work for some of the most exciting companies in Shanghai as assistants and project coordinators for marketing directors, events managers, planners and project managers in some of the top Advertising firms, Events Management companies, PR firms. Want to specialize further? Tell us what field you’re interested in, and we can offer marketing internships in specific fields like Social Networking Websites, Restaurants, Clubs & Law Firms, to name a few…


INA offers interns the chance to gain experience working in local hospitals, clinics and international healthcare facilities. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from doctors who integrate both Western and Chinese medicine into how they practice. We offer internships in specialize fields such as Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatric Neuropsychiatry, Acupuncture and Dermatology.


Make a difference by interning for a responsible cause. With Global Warming becoming an ever-increasing and realistic threat, be a part of the change by interning in the Renewable energy field. We offer internships in Solar Energy companies, Green businesses, Campaigns for Environment-focused NGOs.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we will customize your individual interests and goals!