Need an extra hand around the office, or want to expose your local staff to more English-speaking foreigners? Join Internship Network Asia and Apply to host one of our Interns for Free! Internship Network Asia Interns come from a variety of backgrounds including fresh University Students, recent College Grads, Career Breakers looking to specialize or gain experience in the Chinese Market, and even Gap-Year students looking to intern for working experience.

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Our host companies range from high-profile multi-national companies and brands, to foreign-run production companies, recruitment offices, marketing firms, events services companies and more. Your company can sign-up to host full-time or part-time interns, with different language skills, educational backgrounds and nationalities according to your specification and needs. We will let you screen our applicants to find a perfect match! Fill out our Company Form (below) and have a qualified intern working in your office in as little as 8 weeks! To fill out our form on behalf of your company, please login first.