Apr, 29. 2015 at 4:18PM By Internship Network Asia

Your life will change from being a student to becoming an intern.Let's see which habits, that you probably had as a student, you might lose and which ones, on the contrary, you might enhance! 
Here you have 5 main differences.   

Jul 24 2014

The start of your internship can be quite overwhelming. However, here are ten guidelines you can follow to make the best out of it and to impress your supervisor!

Jun 17 2014

With only 2 or 3 months to gain as much as you can from this once in a lifetime overseas learning opportunity, time is of the essence.  Follow our tips to make the most of your summer internship abroad in China.

May 08 2014
Webinar - How to get a job in China?

Internship Network Asia will host a webinar called ‘How to get a job in China?’. During this webinar, Laura Corazzi, International Relations Manager of INA, will share her expertise and set some light on how to get started when seeking job opportunities in China. Don't miss out and get ready for the Chinese century.

Apr 30 2014

The internship-life balance is not easy to achieve but there are ways how you can work hard and play hard in China, without going crazy.

Mar 12 2014

When you are stuck in your current job and feeling like your tasks are turning into an endless and uninteresting daily routine, it may be time for a career change! More and more people are finding that the perfect way to develop different skills that allow you to make a career shift is by engaging in an internship. An internship?  Really?...