Internship offersort descendingBusiness areaDurationCity
American JournalistJournalism & Media4 months to 12 monthsBeijingMore info
They are experts at helping newspapers leverage the Internet to better serve local readers and advertisers. Their Internet solutions are specifically designed to complement a newspaper’s print and website products, thus enabling them to provide a one-stop advertising solution for local businesses. With over 7 years of experience, they have been providing Internet products to newspapers, and now have more than 250 customers throughout the world. Now we are operating 5 newspapers in US and going to buy more newspaper. They launch daily news video broadcast for the newspaper.
Blog publishing AssistantJournalism & Media2 months to 6 monthsBeijingMore info
The company is organizing a big conference on China tech innovation and entrepreneurship. High-ranking officials and industry leaders from China, Europe and the US are participating to this event.
China is fast becoming catching up with the Silicon Valley both as a hotbed giving birth to innovations of global impact & as a magnet attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world. This company has a blog on the side you will work on.
Business Journalism Intern - EditorialJournalism & Media2 months to 3 monthsShanghaiMore info
Operating in Shanghai since ten years, the magazine is now Shanghai’s leading English language business magazine for senior management. The chief readership consists of senior executives at foreign firms.
Copy writing InternJournalism & Media1 month to 6 monthsShanghaiMore info
We are a social commerce marketplace that provides a one stop shop solution for destination
shopping of luxury goods. Through the LUXSENS approach, consumers are provided personalized product recommendations online and afterwards have the opportunity to visit the nearest stores to have an instore experience. We are currently covering over 100 cities, with over $100M USD of instantly searchable merchandise online.
Copywriter InternJournalism & Media6 months to 12 monthsBeijingMore info
This is a service company providing an integrated innovation portfolio made up of:
+ Design
+ Marketing
+ Strategy

The company was founded in Beijing in 2011 under the belief that integrated design & marketing is the smarter way forward.
They have core 6 members who make up their SWAT team of various design & marketing specialists. They partner with various companies to facilitate their approaches, thus keeping themselves agile and flexible, something they feel is important.
Their objective is to offer their clients the opportunity to communicate their product with a compelling & consistent story, through:
+ Great design
+ Consistent story telling from design through to marketing
+ Stronger client relationships built through shared interest and long term objectives.
Editorial / Marketing InternJournalism & Media3 months to 6 monthsShanghaiMore info
This company supports foreign companies at different penetration stages to setup, develop and optimize their sales and manufacturing operations in China. They deal with management support of sales & distribution in China, business recovery in China, industrial project management & manufacturing in China and investments in China.
Editorial and Marketing InternJournalism & Media2 months to 12 monthsShanghaiMore info
This company is a full-service media and communications agency with offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Toronto. Serving commercial and government clients since 2005, they offer a wide-range of publicity and media services: Marketing & Public relations, Events, Film & Television and Video Production. Its work spans a wide range of industries including lifestyle, sports, financial, tourism, design, manufacturing and construction. Corporate clients include Nike, HSBC, B+H, Freudenberg, Renaissance Hotels, English First and Dubai properties. This company is the creator of an ongoing luxury lifestyle television series. They broadcast every week in China to engage viewers in the practical issues of selecting and appreciating the products, services and experiences that make up a high quality and rewarding lifestyle.
Editorial InternJournalism & Media2 months to 6 monthsBeijingMore info
An 10-year old media company with a dynamic team made of talents from both western and eastern cultural background. Exclusive producer and advertising agent for top English life magazine and website in Beijing. Their mission is to discover and present the best of Beijing, to help all the English speaking readers get the most out their life.
Editorial InternJournalism & Media2 months to 6 monthsBeijingMore info
This is the leading bilingual publication in China focusing on architecture, inner space, decor, luxury goods, travel, etc. It is distributed in all of the five-star hotels in China as well as golf courses, membership clubs, restaurants, etc.
Editorial/Marketing InternJournalism & Media2 months to 6 monthsBeijingMore info
This company has been at the forefront of international publishing for nearly 50 years. With publications serving half a million readers across four continents, it has pioneered business publishing in many areas of the developing world. Essentially the company's publications are conduits, putting buyers in touch with sellers. The developing areas of the world want the latest products, business methods and techniques. The company provides them with a vital showcase to see, enquire about and buy the latest equipment and services.