Frequently Asked Questions

Shanghai Pearl TowerServices & Prices

What is the price of the program?

Use the automatic quote tool on our Price Page to calculate your total fee.

What is included within the program?

Please take a look at our Program Overview Page for a list of all included and additional services.

Are flight costs included?

No, flights to and from China are not included.

Are utilities and Internet access included in the housing cost or are the interns responsible for these costs?

All utilities are included. Our apartments are all equipped with Wifi internet, air conditioning, washing machines, TVs, and cooking appliances.

Applying to Our Program

Are there application deadlines?

No. Internship Network Asia offers flexible program schedules to allow participants to apply as little as 8 weeks before their desired start-date. We encourage even last-minute applicants to apply, as we will do our best to accommodate our interns. With that said, it is best to apply as soon as possible so we can arrange the perfect internship placement for you.

Is there a minimum age for applicants?

Participants should be at least 18 years old by the time of their arrival in China. The majority of our participants are between the ages of 18 and 30. For the most part we receive applications from pre-college students, gap-year students and young graduates. 

What if I have no previous working experience?

No problem. Many of our interns are gap-year students, college students or recent grads, with no working experience – that’s why they’re here! We will find a placement for you with an English-speaking supervisor that will provide you with the tools you’ll need for a fulfilling internship and give you quality experience to add to your CV, and advance your career. All we ask is for participants to have a motivated attitude and desire to learn and succeed in their chosen field. If you have any special skills (language, IT, etc) or work experience (even if it's just a summer job), please also include that in your application, so we can find the best internship to match your qualifications.

Are all applicants guaranteed an internship placement?

We offer a money back guarantee. If you have been accepted to our program and we do not manage to place you at one of your shortlisted internship offers, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Can you provide me with some references of past participants?

Take a took at our Testimonials Page. More references will be provided upon request.

Can I apply now even though it is for next year?

Yes you can, but keep in mind that the Internship Offers might not still be available for next year's internship opportunities.

Is this program available in other countries?

For the moment, our programs are only available in China (Beijing and Shanghai).

The application form doesn't work.

Please Contact Us.

Your Internship

Where are your placements located in China?

Currently all of our placements are located in Beijing and Shanghai

Do I need to speak Chinese?

No. All of our internship placements are in English-speaking companies. We do however provide all of our participants with the opportunity to learn Mandarin (6 hours of group classes or 3 hours of one-on-one private lessons provided each week), to either start from the basics or improve their Chinese. We highly recommend that participants take advantage of our high quality classes, which are all taught by native Chinese speaking teachers, with years of expertise.

Is it possible to receive university credit for the internships and/or language courses?

Please inform us of your university requirements for receiving credit and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Will I receive a salary during my placement?

No, you will not receive a salary during your placement, although depending on your language and education level, some companies may offer an allowance.

I have filled the application form but I didn't get the confirmation email yet.

We try to reply by the next working, but if you haven't heard back from us, Contact Us.

Does INA accommodate requests for jobs?

INA only provides applicants with internships. However, some companies may offer a permanent position to interns after their initial internship period.

Life in China

Where will I live and what facilities will be provided?

You will share your flat with two or three other interns, but of course, you will have your own bedroom within the flat. All of our apartments are equipped with air conditioning, Wifi internet, TVs, washing machines, kitchen appliances, water coolers, and much more. You are guaranteed to have a great living set-up. All utility costs are included.

I can't speak Chinese. How will I get by in China?

Do not worry; there is English signage everywhere in China, as well as many Western restaurants/cafes/shops to remind you of the comforts of home. Of course, we encourage our interns to immerse themselves in the culture as much as possible, but we understand that this can be a daunting task if it's your first time in China.

Our staff is here to help every step of the way. You can call us any time of the day or night, and we will be very happy to answer your questions. Also, upon your arrival in China, you will be given a transportation card and shown how to use the subway to get to work. The subway system is very comfortable and all signs and announcements are in English as well as Chinese.  

We arrange Chinese classes for you at your request, for either 3 hours per week of individual classes, or 6 hours per week of group classes. We strongly recommend all interns take advantage of this opportunity to make your time in China even more worthwhile!

What kind of support will be available to me while I'm in China? What if I have an emergency/get lost/get locked out etc?

We have a 24-hour hotline with one of our employees on call every day of the week. If you have any problems at all you are encouraged to call them, and they will make every effort possible to help you. This information will be given to you upon arrival in China.

What kind of staff will be in China?

We are very proud of our staff in Shanghai and Shanghai, and have a great team of both English-speaking locals and foreigners waiting for our interns as soon as they arrive in China. We are there to assist you with everything from orientation and picking you up at the airport until the moment you leave China. We provide 24-hour assistance to all of our participants. Once you are situated we also offer weekly cultural activities, day trips and weekend trips.

What if I get sick abroad?

If you fall ill while in China, we have the best knowledge of medical care and facilities wherever we are. Participants will have all the information about foreign hospitals and clinic that have English-speaking doctors and specialists.

Can I extend my stay, once I’m in China?

Yes, of course. Once you have made up your mind, our on-site staff can help you extend your placement and arrange for you to continue your China experience. We've frequently made visa arrangements for participants looking to stay an extra month or more in China.

Companies Seeking Interns

Please see our Companies Page for details on the types of services we offer to companies seeking interns, and information on how to hire an intern.