3D Game Developer Intern

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General Internship Information

Daily Tasks

Contribute to the development of next generation games / web development


- Strong programming skills in C# and a good knowledge of the .NET Framework
- Solid C++ background. Threading and sockets experience a bonus
- Experience working with a AAA 3D Game Engine (preferably Unity3D, Unreal, Gamebryo, etc)
- Deep understanding of 3D geometry and linear algebra, including matrix and vector mathematic
- Experience with DirectX, OpenGL and Shader programming in CG or GLSL
- A passion for playing video games and good instincts for game design
- Excellent oral and written English
- Ability to work independently, solve complex challenges, and hit deadlines
- Good cooperation and communication skills

Additional Information

The position is only open to candidates who are willing to stay longer, as full time employees after the internship period.

Company Description

The company is leading the development of next-generation social games. Its first game is the first 3D multiplayer game on Facebook and was awarded at GDC 2010 as Best new Game on MySpace. 

IT / Telecommunication

INA offers IT/Telecommunication internships in China as programmers, designers, analysts and developers for a wide variety of companies across all sectors. Participants also have the chance to work for start-ups, social networking sites and webzines as valued members of their IT-team.

The technology sector is booming all over the world and China is right at the top!